Who We Are

Paragon Diagnostics is a state of the art, full spectrum laboratory providing clinical diagnostic solutions to the addiction medicine and behavioral health industries. The effectiveness of your patient care significantly depends on the quality of your diagnostics. You can’t accept anything less than the fastest, most cutting-edge and complete diagnostics solution in the market—and that’s what we deliver.

Paragon Diagnostics

  • We are committed to professional service and unique solutions for each and every client

  • We offer a wide range of screening devices to provide reliable, rapid and cost-effective testing.

  • Our specialized programs are designed to enhance patient care and empower your practice.

Our Diagnostic Solutions Feature:

  • A comprehensive test menu of the most clinically advanced methods and technologies, all compliant with the latest CLIA, AHCA and COLA standards
  • Deeply specialized expertise, extensive industry knowledge and streamlined workflows to ensure faster, more accurate testing
  • Highly customized services, including implementation and optimization specialists with the experience needed to oversee your entire clinical program

Licensing and Accreditations